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In our age of global communications and connectivity, online banking has become a solution of utmost importance to businessmen and big corporations alike. Below are discussed the online banking solutions offered by the five biggest banks in Canada, TD Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Royal Bank of Canada,Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and Bank of Montreal. All five have incorporated online banking in order to facilitate clients’ access to their services.

The Bank of Nova Scotia, commonly known as Scotia Bank, has developed a set of very convenient and user-friendly options including everyday banking, together with investing and brokerage services for individual and business clients. Scotia Online is a service available to holders of Scotia Bank cards. To activate it, you need to sign in with the number of your bankcard and password. The team of Scotia Bank has adopted security measures to prevent unauthorized access to their clients’ online accounts. These measures include meeting the highest internet security standards for encryption, installation of firewalls and 24-hour system monitoring, along with the development and implementation of various security measures for enhanced protection. The home page of Scotia online gives the user access to the most common online banking activities such as bill payment and money transfer, mortgage and debt balance overview, and account balances for all of their social bank accounts. The clients of Scotia Online may also access the online support and security centre, as well as a broad range of investment tools such as guaranteed investment certificates and tax-free savings accounts.

The online banking services of the Bank of Montreal offer to its clients a 24-hour access to their finances from anywhere in the world. BMO online enables its users to pay their bills and transfer money between their accounts at the Bank of Montreal for free, as well as make transactions to mortgages and loans. In addition, the customers of the online banking service offered by Bank of Montreal may take advantage of a wide range of investment tools and access useful information about all products and services that the bank offers.

Royal Bank of Canada, commonly known as RBC bank, has developed a set of user-friendly online banking solutions that enable its clients to pay their bills while they are on the go. They also file online applications for loans and refinancing, transfer funds to other clients of Royal Bank of Canada or to clients of other financial institutions, view the balance on their accounts, mortgages and loans, and access a broad variety of convenient personal investment options.

The online banking service of the Canadian Imperial Bank enables its clients to bank at their own convenience by executing or stopping payments to merchants, transferring money via their email accounts or via bank transactions, etc. In addition, CIBC online allows the bank’s clients to obtain balances and review transactions history. Customers can notify the bank about important changes affecting their account management such as address or record keeping changes. The team of Canadian Imperial Bank has adopted the latest technologies to provide the highest security level for users of their online banking services. Among these are software products for ID protection and for enhanced protection against online fraud.

The online banking services of Toronto Dominion enable its clients to access real-time account information, transfer funds between accounts, stop payments on cheques or view cheques online, pay their bills for free or review bank statements up to eighteen months back.