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The Canadian Bankers Association represents Canada’s chartered banks, with fifty members. Its membership includes domestic chartered banks and Canadian branches and subsidiaries of foreign bank. This includes most of the largest banks in Canada. It was founded in 1891 and is the oldest industry association in Canada.


Like any industry association the Canadian Bankers Association sees part of its purpose to lobby the Federal and Provincial governments for policies that suit banks, or in their words “efficient and effective public policies governing banks”. It is registered as a lobbyist at both federal and provincial level.

Areas of lobbying include banking regulation, tax competitiveness, identity theft, money laundering and general business competitiveness. They claim that banks are a crucial part of Canada’s economy, particularly now that Canadian banks are relatively stronger than those of most other economies.

Financial Crime

The Canadian Bankers Association has a responsibility to protect bank customers against financial crime. In order to do this the Canadian Bankers Association runs the Canadian Bankers Association's Bank Crime Prevention and Investigation Office (BCPIO). Through this office the Canadian Bankers Association co-ordinates the crime prevention and crime investigation activities for the banking industry. Bankers who investigate criminal activity must sign annual confidentiality agreements and follow strict privacy policies. Under the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act BCPIO is designated as an investigative body and is overseen by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.


The Canada Bankers Association co-ordinate the “YourMoney” program. This program involves bank staff from various member banks giving financial literacy classes within Canadian schools. It also runs a website to support this work. There are also a number of programs run by members of the Canadian Bankers Association. For example the CIBC, one of Canada’s “big five” banks runs a program with YMCA to help immigrants with the Canadian banking system, while Citi bank provides finance curriculums to classes between kindergarten and eighth grade.

The Canadian Banking system

The Canadian Banking system has been judged by the World Economic Forum, after the credit crunch, to be the strongest banking system in the world. This is due to the fact that Canadian banks generally did not get involved with some of the riskier types of lending and the fact that the Canadian dollar, also known as “the loonie” is now one of the strongest currencies in the world due to Canada’s resource based economy.

Member banks

- Domestic Banks: Schedule I

These are Canadian owned and operated banks

BMO Financial Group
The Bank of Nova Scotia
Canadian Tire Bank
Canadian Western Bank
Citizens Bank of Canada
Dundee Bank Canada
Laurentian Bank of Canada
Manulife Bank of Canada
National Bank of Canada
Pacific & Western Bank of Canada
President's Choice Bank
RBC Financial Group
TD Bank Financial Group

- Foreign Bank Subsidiaries: Schedule II

These Foreign banks with active subsidiaries that are registered in Canada

Amex Bank of Canada
Bank Of China (Canada)
Bank Of East Asia (Canada)
Bank of Tokyo- Mitsubishi (Canada)
BNP Paribas (Canada)
Citibank Canada
Habib Canadian Bank
HSBC Bank Canada
ICICI Bank Canada
ING Bank of Canada
Mega International Commercial Bank
J.P. Morgan Bank Canada
Korea Exchange Bank of Canada
MBNA Canada Bank
Mizuho Bank (Canada)
Société Générale (Canada)
State Bank of India (Canada)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Of Canada
UBS Bank (Canada)

- Schedule 3: Foreign Branches

There are also Foreign banks which although they are registered abroad have active branches in Canada and are members of the Canadian Bankers Association.

ABN Amro Bank N.V.
Bank of America National Association
The Bank of New York Mellon
Capital One Bank (Canada Branch)
Citibank N.A.
Comerica Bank
Deutsche Bank A.G.
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank
Maple Bank GmbH
Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd., Canada Branch
Société Générale
State Street Bank and Trust Company
UBS AG Canada Branch